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Post by Vi on Sat Dec 10, 2011 1:44 am

Hey guys,

I'm just wanting to let you all know I am taking a hiatus from the boards and CLF. I'm just over it, completely. It's been 4 months since what happened at Miranda and have I/we received any form of an apology? No. For those of you who knew what happened, for him to take an extra hour for those random fans but he couldn't even give us just 2 minutes (like I was promised) is just WRONG. For him to just shrug his shoulders like that as he walked off broke my heart. It was one of the most gutless and cowardly things I've witnessed. We (Lizzie, Sarah and I) had been there for him when everyone else had forgotten about him during those 4 long years. Does that not mean anything to him? For all my years, time, money and dedication I have spent on this guy -- more then any other fan he has had and EVER will have, I'm worth a fucken shrug of the shoulders? He and Laura have used me for information to benefit themselves and nothing else. I know that is a strong accusation to make, but as long as he has people kissing his ass where ever he goes, he will just not care or show any empathy I believe. My CLF links I post on his Facebook fan page keep on being deleted and I've emailed him asking why to receive no reply. It's like they don't want me to exist. I worked hard on (and what I consider) a lovely piece a few months back on his fan signings in Australia and posted it on our Twitter, Tumblr and CLF and did it get a mention? Of course not. Yet he takes note of and reblogs filth like this, and something that I put alot of heart into gets ignored? I know some of you say I "choose" to do what I do and yes that's true, but I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't have so much admiration and devotion for someone like I do with Chris and I think that's entitled to a little bit more then the unappreciation and devaluement I have been made to feel during this past year.

This was hard for me to write and it's even harder for me to go ahead and do because I used to love these boards. I have met you wonderful girls here who I have made friendships for life with but I just can't be passing on all of this negativity I am feeling right now on to here. I can't lie anymore. I hate lying to you girls, to fellow fans, my parents and friends. It's not right.

I've just lost too much respect for him. I was going to wait til Angry Boys finished airing in the US but I don't want to drag this on any longer then I already have.

I'm so sorry. Sad

Location : Melbourne, Australia

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