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Post by Chrissy on Mon Jan 11, 2010 3:41 pm

As you all know, I am a fan of Nascar racing here in the US. We are starting to get quite a few international drivers, including one from Australia, Marcos Ambrose.

He's rad. I was listening to an interview with him recently and he was talking about how Nascar was getting more exposure in other countries. It's got a reputation in America for being really redneck and white trashy. LOL It is, kinda, to be honest.

But the new international attraction has made it a little more mainstrem, plus we have a driver who has won 4 straight championships in a row, Jimmie Johnson, who is not from the South, but a true California boy.

Apparently, Marcos Ambrose ran v8 Supercars in Australia, and he took one of the US drivers out to race there recently, Tony Stewart. Does anybody know who Marcos Ambrose is? We also have Dario Francchiti from Scotland and Juan Pablo Montoya from Colombia.

But they're saying the Aussie is gonna be our next big driver, which is exciting!!!!

He's so rad. WE LOVE HIM!
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